EVE Online’s EVE Universe pulls together the lore and history of New Eden into one website


How does cloning work in EVE Online? What about the battles that have raged before? Who the heck are these Amarr folks and why are their ships so damned shiny? These questions and more are being answered in the EVE Universe, a repository of lore and history for Capsuleers new and old. All in a format that doesn’t involve using a wiki!

The EVE Universe page offers pretty much everything lorehounds could want to learn, whether it’s about the game’s four factions, the chronicles of humanity’s history in New Eden, Scope reports about previous wars, and even short stories set in the game’s world. The collection is pretty vast and comprehensive, so fans might want to walk through the library and take a peek.

Meanwhile, CCP Games has cobbled together another episode of EVE Pulse, collecting news bits from the game including the New Dawn update, the winners of the Alliance Tournament XVII, and the monthly economic report among other things.


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