Lord of the Rings Online accidentally – and then deliberately – gives out extra level boosts


Some Lord of the Rings Online players are going to be logging into some unexpected good fortune this week. Standing Stone Games said that a glitch caused an extra level 130 boost (among other goodies) to be handed out to players who upgraded their Fate of Gundabad package.

Instead of taking this away, SSG is giving out additional free boosts to those who already had the most expensive expansion edition: “In order to make sure players who purchased the Ultimate edition get an equal number of these items, we are granting players who purchased an Ultimate edition of Fate of Gundabad directly an additional Valar – 130, Gundabad Delving Supplies (which includes the Gundabad toolkit), and Improved Expedition Supplies.”

This giveaway comes with today’s Update 31.0.2, which also makes several adjustments to Fate of Gundabad and disables the Osgiliath PvMP area “until it can be reworked.”

Source: LOTRO
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