Lord of the Rings Online accidentally – and then deliberately – gives out extra level boosts


Some Lord of the Rings Online players are going to be logging into some unexpected good fortune this week. Standing Stone Games said that a glitch caused an extra level 130 boost (among other goodies) to be handed out to players who upgraded their Fate of Gundabad package.

Instead of taking this away, SSG is giving out additional free boosts to those who already had the most expensive expansion edition: “In order to make sure players who purchased the Ultimate edition get an equal number of these items, we are granting players who purchased an Ultimate edition of Fate of Gundabad directly an additional Valar – 130, Gundabad Delving Supplies (which includes the Gundabad toolkit), and Improved Expedition Supplies.”

This giveaway comes with today’s Update 31.0.2, which also makes several adjustments to Fate of Gundabad and disables the Osgiliath PvMP area “until it can be reworked.”

Source: LOTRO

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Right response. Good on SSG.

Bruno Brito

If only Treebeard was F2P ç_ç

Henrik Boriths

You are not missing out on a lot mate. You can do the exact same thing on live servers and have more players and content. Treebeard the last 1½ month is capping at around 220 non anon players… The only reason to play on treebeard is the difficulty slider. If you can find people who wants to play old content, all servers will work exactly the same minus the landscape difficulty slider.

Bruno Brito

I know i’m not missing much, but the brunt of the pop ( specially the MOP players ) are there.

I did the Shire-Ered-Bree grind three times already ( to the point where i had 900 LoTRO points just by deleting and restarting toons ) but i would endure the pain all over again for a more lively community.

Patreon Donor

Buy the expansion, get the level boost, be VIP, but you can’t buy the expansion with your VIP stipend.

All that said, I’m enjoying the free expansions in a game I otherwise would never have come back to had they not offered said free expansion code and I am enjoying where I left off a decade ago -in Rohan- and avoiding using the floaty war steeds for ANYTHING at all and finding regular places to level.

I always said I’d come back if they fixed the LI system. Ten years later and here I am and I’m enjoying it, sans the war steeds. Level 80 now and looking forward to what’s past Fangorn.


Having bought Wildwood just prior to SSG making all that content free made me none-too-happy. Fortunately I could pay in $L, as I have for pretty much all the previous quest packs and expansions (where available) .

On the bright side, now I can finally quest in Angmar again! /s