Dev studio One More Game touts a ‘players first’ attitude and a studio ‘free from ego’


Last July we got word of the founding of One More Game, a dev studio launched by former founder of ArenaNet and En Masse Entertainment Patrick Wyatt and former Undead Labs and Riot Games dev Jamie Winsor. The studio received a $5.7M cash investment at the time, as well as talked up its focus on online cross-platform PC and mobile games and its “alpha driven development” approach to game creation.

OMG has once more stepped out of radio silence to share its manifesto in an effort to clearly communicate to both potential players and developers what the studio is all about. Tenets of this manifesto include putting players first and valuing players’ time, as well as committing to taking in player feedback and empowering player-made creations.

“Game developers are entertainers. At the end of the day, we’re building something for our players’ enjoyment above any other factor. We strive to be empathetic to our players’ aspirations and feedback, and we prioritize features and enhancements for the audience we have.”

The manifesto further makes promises in relation to its workplace culture, stating it will be “inclusive, collaborative, forgiving, and free from ego” while also striving to keep developers happy and form partnerships that will make it possible for the studio to create high-quality titles while not expanding to a size that makes scaling its culture untenable. At the same time, OMG also states an intention to “iterate fast,” granting team members “systems and tools that enable them to deliver player value at breakneck speed.”

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