Path of Exile’s next expansion is eyeballing a February release window


Grinding Gear Games is looking ahead to the immediate future of Path of Exile, which means it’s time to look ahead to the multiplayer ARPG’s next expansion. The devs haven’t pinned down an exact date or shared any other details for update 3.17 yet, but they did offer up a release window, announcing the expansion is due to land sometime in February.

Regular followers of the game will note that this release represents a roughly two week-long deviation from POE’s usual release cadence, which consequently means that the Scourge League will be extended by about that much time. The devs note that the release timing change is intended to give its New Zealand developers some time to enjoy the summer holidays. The new release timing for 3.17 is also seeing work on the experimental hard mode being pushed back for sometime after the update’s release.

In the meantime, players can keep themselves busy with the current Atlas Invasion event as well as the Delirium Everywhere event that’s set to kick off on December 31st; ultimately there are things to do, but there is going to be a bit of a wait before there’s something new.

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