Fractured Online, now under Gamigo’s banner, talks up its three racial factions


One of the spotlighted features in the early life of sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online was the fact that players could choose one of three different types of races, which in turn dictated their gameplay, from peaceful and cooperative to FFA PvP-filled. That feature hasn’t changed since, and because the game is effectively being reintroduced to players following the game’s publishing deal with Gamigo, it stands to reason that the devs at Dynamight Studios would want to explain the design point one more time just in case anyone is new to the title.

The preview post outlines the three racial groups and explains the gameplay style of each; demons are constantly at war and have no penalties for open slaughter, humans have free will, with both good and evil alignments and a law system to match, and wildfolk are more peaceful and pastoral. The post further outlines each group’s affinities for magic or technological learning, along with unique racial attributes like demons being able to invade human or wildfolk planets for a short time or wildfolk gaining a combat advantage when on their home turf.

If you’ve been following the development trajectory of Fractured before, there’s not much in the post that will be new to you, but it does provide a full refresher all the same.

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