EVE Online offers guides for new players ahead of tomorrow’s Doctor Who crossover

is this doctor who

The Interstellar Convergence – aka the improbable crossover event that links Doctor Who to EVE Online – is arriving to the space sandbox game tomorrow, and in order to get new arrivals more easily acclimated to how EVE works, CCP Games has put together several guides to help players get started. In fighting the Daleks. In New Eden.

While most of the information on offer is pretty much bog standard for established Capsuleers, there’s still information to glean for those drawn into the sandbox by the siren call of the Doctor Who theme’s whistling theremin, with guides about outfitting, exploration, scanning, combat, and building blueprints, all of which are skills needed to engage with the crossover event. The post further nods in the direction of its EVE Academy.

For the more established EVE player, the game’s monthly economic report is also available, just in case you’d rather grok some graphs instead of video guides of basic ship maneuvers.

source: official site (1, 2)
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