Open-world critter catching survivalbox Palworld shares a colorful world of captured monster exploitation


Remember Palworld? We spotlighted this title in June 2021: It’s a multiplayer open-world survival title from Pocketpair (the developers of Craftopia) that lets players capture Pokemon-like Pals to use them in a variety of ways, including as mounts, fighters, factory workers, and builders. The studio has been mostly silent after that initial announcement, but a new gameplay trailer has brought it back to the fore, along with a press release that delights in the game’s penchant for putting cute monsters through the wringer.

“You will be able to have Pal join to fight alongside you, build various structures, breed to grow a stronger Pal bloodline, ride as a mount, make them work in factories, sacrifice their lives for your safety, capture with lassos or Pal Spheres, put them into the Pal Box prisons, force Pals to fight against each other in the Arena, and their fate if they are caught by the poachers… Just to mention a few.”

The trailer in question showcases some of the game’s Pals and the ways they can be used for players’ means, from more whimsical things like flying through the world, gardening, or combining into new Pals, to more nefarious things like weapons manufacturing, some form of dire experimentation, and using them to walk into an explosive trap. Pals also can be used in battle, as either fighting companions or weapons themselves, and rare Pals can also be acquired through players poaching them in hunting prohibited areas.

Palworld still has no firm release date, but a post on Steam promises that development is moving apace and that an alpha test will begin soon. In the meanwhile, you can get your dose of tonal whiplash in the trailer below.

sources: press release, Steam
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