Neverwinter pushes Dragonbone Vale to consoles, overhauls its refinement system


Big things are afoot in Cryptic’s Neverwinter this week. The action MMO rolled out its Dragonbone Vale module to Xbox and PlayStation editions, a week early, no less, with all of the adventures and trips through a 10-player trial that it entails.

Cryptic also announced that it’s cleaning up the overloaded cash shop by removing a number of mounts and companions. The studio said that from now on, those will be granted via rare drops from “end-of-queue chests.”

And finally, Neverwinter is revamping its refinement and enchantment system. This revamp removes the cost for unslotting enchantments, moves enchantments to its own tab on the character sheet, reworks the upgrade UI, and adds higher level enchantments to the game.

Source: Neverwinter, PR
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