New World’s public test server opens today with the February fixerupper patch

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New World players are in for a treat today, as the public test server is slated to open at 1 p.m. EST this afternoon. As promised, the February patch is largely focused on shoring up the base game.

“For our February game update, we’ve taken a moment of pause on feature development in favor of improving the state of the Live game,” Amazon reiterates. “As such, we’re pleased to share that a significant number of high-value bug fixes and improvements as well as some small ones have been made across the entire game experience. While we won’t be providing new content this cycle, we hope that these numerous changes will provide you — our players — with a much better day-to-day experience as you adventure throughout Aeterum.”

The patch notes tackle everything from weapon swapping and balance to physics collusion and PvP as well as crafting experience. In fact, player feedback has already led to some changes to the PTR build, fixing an exploit, several weapon issues, and a housing database problem. Players aren’t shy about declaring these things, so expect a lot more tinkering before this patch arrives for play.

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