No, Lost Ark isn’t giving away unlimited founder packs, but the whole thing is definitely a mess


A tiny storm is beginning to brew across the Lost Ark community: The so-called “Ark Week extravaganza” – the week of programming on Amazon’s Crown channel devoted to the upcoming MMOARPG – had posted a channel banner advertising that viewers could earn points by watching that could then be redeemed for free founder’s packs to Lost Ark. This was leading to some possible anger from those who had already bought in to the game, but the details of the promotion have since rapidly changed yesterday and overnight.

A look at the Crown channel itself now shows that banner is missing, and comms from the game’s CM confirms that the founder packs themselves will be in limited supply. “It is not a scam, we are collaborating with the Crown channel on this event, but it looks like the messaging from that account may have been overzealous – we’re working to get clarifications out on their end as well,” reads the post.

Furthermore, a recent announcement from the channel’s Twitter account states that the way these packs are being given away is changing entirely, as points apparently can’t be used to grant free packs. The channel is working on a “good plan” to compensate those who have already gifted, subbed, or cheered to get their goodies, while details on just how founder’s packs will be given away will be announced soon.

Of course, there’s still a push for people to watch Crown’s week of programming, with a retweeted post confirming that Smilegate Director Keum Kang Seon will be joining in on Monday, February 7th, with “a big announcement.” Whether you’re looking for a free pack or looking for some new information, you should ultimately stay tuned.

sources: Lost Ark forums via Reddit, Crown Channel, Twitter (1, 2). Cheers, Kat.
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