Lineage II: Aden adds in the Vanguard class and new areas to fight through

Orc orc orc

For far too long you have had to suffer the problem inĀ Lineage II: Aden wherein your van down by the river which you live in was in danger but there was no one to guard it. No longer, however; the game’s latest patch adds in the new Vanguard class for orc players. You might point out that “vanguard” doesn’t mean “one or that which guards a van, specifically the vehicle,” and to that we will respond that the Vanguard could guard a van. It wields a spear and rides a beast into battle! It’s capable of a lot of things.

Players can also look forward to new areas to explore with this update including the Ice Lord’s Castle, Elmoreden’s Tower, and the Hot Springs, which are not owned by someone specific. There are also significant class balance adjustments for Wizards, Summoners, Archers, and Death Knights, as well as the new Class Change system, which allows you to spend in-game currency to swap your class without losing progress. (Needless to say, the Vanguard is the first class available for this particular feature.) Check out the full patch notes for all the details.

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