Final Fantasy XI updates for March with more Ambuscade content and more Crawler’s Nest grinding


Anyone who has played Final Fantasy XI for a long enough period of time probably remembers grinding enemies in Crawler’s Nest for experience. It was part of the game that was just accepted as normal. Now, with the game’s latest update, players will once more be grinding in Crawler’s Nest, as the Shadowreign version of the zone has had a new area opened up and been populated with new enemies to grind on. It’s like a return to the womb, if the womb were infested with monsters you had to blast into oblivion in order to level up.

Players can also take on new challenges in this month’s rotation of Ambuscade content, complete with adjustments to the Splendid Sakura monster. As always, the update is also broken down in video format just below, so if you’re curious to get the top-level overview via moving pictures, that’s available as well. Hey, it’s another monthly update, you probably know how these go by now.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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