Tabletop board game-styled MMO World Seed enters early access

Hooray for hexes!

It’s been quite some time since we checked up on World Seed, an interesting and laid-back MMO done up in a tabletop board game style from indie developer Ape Egg. The game first came to our notice in 2020, offering up a large world board that players could explore tile by tile, fighting creatures, crafting materials, or simply exploring before the world’s board changes every hour with new content to discover. The MMO has since been updating itself over the course of 2020 and into this year, despite the game failing to successfully crowdfund.

Indeed, development has progressed to a point where the game went into Steam Early Access this past February, with some noteworthy changes from its very first (and unsupported) original version: Tiles are hexagonal to allow characters to move in six different directions, characters can progress indefinitely, players can control a party of four instead of a single avatar, and there’s overall more stuff to find in the game’s world.

The game’s early access round is expected to run until mid-2022, with extra features such as global PvP organization, guilds, story quests, and a spec tree planned in future updates. As of right now, the core gameplay loop is in place, offering 8 infinite worlds, 12 playable characters, over 75 unique creatures, and over 110 quests, all for a cost of about $9, though those who are curious about the game’s first iteration can also buy it on Steam or play it on a supported browser.

source: Steam
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