SWG Legends’ latest update buffed Bespin travel and improved house placement


It takes a lot to get me excited about a quality-of-life patch, but Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends has pulled it off with today’s update. How? Player housing stuff, of course.

Readers will recall that this is the rogue server that launched the planet Bespin in 2021, followed by honest-to-goodness non-instanced apartments in Cloud City earlier this year. But Bespin was plagued with a serious problem in my mind, and that was the fact that you couldn’t use ITVs – instant transport vehicles – to and from those apartments (or anywhere else on Bespin, for that matter). It was simply more convenient to live on a regular planet when you could set up tricks to teleport directly to your house (and from your house to other locations).

Today’s patch fixes that for many buildings, making Bespin an incredibly convenient place to live and shop. Currently rethinking my housing choices!

“ITV Travel pads can now be found throughout Bespin. These can be used to call ITVs, or as travel destinations for items such as the AT-AT head and G9 Rigger. Landing pads can be found on the 11th floor of square-style apartment blocks, and in various places at ground level on Cloud City. The two Tibanna housing platforms are now available as destinations via interplanetary travel. You can now land at the two Tibanna housing platforms from the Bespin Landing Ring. Starship terminals have been added to the Tibanna Housing Platforms.”

The travel platforms aren’t marked on the planetary or overhead maps, but they’re pretty easy to spot outside most buildings. In fact, some of the taller buildings have travel pads off balconies from mid-tier floors, meaning you’d never even have to leave the building. On the downside, they don’t technically count as shuttles, so you’ll need the type of ITV that stores specific locations to shuttle in there. And do note that not all of them are floating in air as in Empire Strikes Back; I spied a few that are just plopped right into the ground. Unfortunately, the trader guildhall – the reason I head to Bespin the most, personally – didn’t get a platform, but there’s one across the street by the merchant apartments.

Additional housing perks this round include 4k textures for multiple houses available only on this server as well as a rework of housing placement that allows for zooming out and toggling between wireframe and realistic views, so you can actually see what your house, factory, or harvester will look like in the landscape before you drop it.

Plus, the player team has added a command for exporting waypoints, implemented several senate resolutions, and revamped crafted ship parts. The patch notes are on the official forums.

Source: Patch notes
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