Myth of Empires plans fast-progression season servers for April


Myth of Empires isn’t letting that whole copyright infringement lawsuit get in the way of game development, oh no: Over the weekend, Angela Game announced that it’s opening three-month-long season servers in April. They’re fairly similar to Black Desert’s season servers, if you need a cognate, in that they offer quicker progression to and little safe haven from endgame guild PvP goals. Of course, Black Desert didn’t implement its season servers for many years after its launch, while Myth of Empires has been playable here in the west for only a few months, so this is pretty quick for such a move.

“Myth of Empires ‘season servers’ refer to new servers that will be opened for players to more fully experience game content. These servers will feature higher growth rates and new season rules. There will also be a scoring system, increasing player competition. Additionally, the game will feature a new gameplay mode with corresponding seasonal rewards. […] These servers will be separate from the current servers, and characters will not be able to cross over. The Guild Market system of the main game is also not connected to these season servers. These servers are completely new. Every player who joins these servers will start at the same starting line.”

As we’ve been covering, Myth of Empires is currently barred from Steam over an ongoing copyright scandal; Snail Games and its subsidiary Studio Wildcard have pursued Angela Game, distributor Imperium Interactive Entertainment, and key shareholder Tencent in court with claims that it stole code and trade secrets from ARK: Survival Evolved.

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