Dual Universe elaborates on PvP features and changes arriving with the Athena update


Players of Dual Universe already have the overall gist of the Athena update and its primary focus on PvP features, but that doesn’t mean that the devs at Novaquark aren’t keen to elaborate a bit further, which is precisely what they’ve done in the latest dev blog.

The post provides further information about the tentpole feature of alien space core units, explaining how these cores can be claimed and used, as well as additional details on the use and functions of the new space unit shield generator that players can employ to protect their shiny new space buildings.

The post also elaborates on how stasis weapons work, notes performance improvements made to PvP voxel destruction, and discusses maximum velocity changes made to spaceships, with larger ships having lowered maximum speeds. This change is explained as one about balance and less about realism, while the Athena update is overall meant to change the current meta and ship design, which doesn’t align with the devs’ vision.

Those who are eager to kick the tires of the Athena update will get their chance when it arrives to PTS tomorrow, but in the meantime players can get some more specifics on how PvP will look in DU.

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