The Elder Scrolls Online will make the Morrowind DLC free for every owner of the game

Incidentally, it takes four pretty smart writers to sort out ZOS' monetization


Do you own some form of The Elder Scrolls Online and somehow didn’t pick up the Morrowind DLC (aka one of the superior ways to start the MMORPG)? Then you’re in luck because Morrowind is being made free to everyone whether you own the base game or otherwise didn’t have access to the DLC previously.

“With the High Isle Prologue coming soon, we wanted to ensure that absolutely everybody in the game can experience this first step on the road to the upcoming Chapter by awarding the Morrowind DLC free to all ESO players,” the announcement explains.

This basically means that those who didn’t pre-purchase Summerset (which included Morrowind), didn’t purchase the DLC individually, or aren’t actively subscribed to the MMORPG will now have access to nearly all of Morrowind, including the Vvardenfell zone and storyline, the Halls of Fabrication Trial, and the upcoming High Isle Prologue questline; the Warden class will not be included. And yes, as the subtitle suggests, it took four of us to cut through the Gordian Knot of ZOS’ monetization for its DLC; maybe they can make that a little clearer for players next time.

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