Valheim previews the ruins and the bunnies of its upcoming Mistlands update

I like big buns and I cannot lie


If there’s two things I demand out of my survival sandbox game, it’s the ruins of an ancient civilization and well-crafted hares; if you can’t provide these things, I will totally roast a game by way of a lengthy video essay on YouTube. Luckily for developer Iron Gate, Valheim will be offering both of these things in its Mistlands update, and so the studio will be spared from my withering and completely justified wrath.

The preview from the devs provides a sped-up creation of one of the Mistlands’ hares as it goes through the modeling process up to its final form, along with several screenshots of some new ancient ruins. “Just like the other areas of Valheim, the Mistlands were once a place where civilizations of old built homes and strongholds alike. In the past month we have been finalizing the designs of these structures and we quite like how they fit in the world!” remarks the post.

The update will also introduce an attempted fix for a cloud syncing problem that has been wiping out player progress, which will be among the things players will get to test in the PTS soon™. In the meantime, you can look at the creation of a bunny in the video below.

source: Steam
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