Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida confirms that work is already taking place on the story for 7.0


Ready for the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion? Well, slow your roll there, chief, because you’ve got more than a year to wait for that and we don’t have even a hint of what the title will be. Not that this is stopping the FFXIV team at all, though; an interview with producer and director Naoki Yoshida by NME has Yoshida revealing that the team has already made it through the writing for the 6.x patch series and is on to working on 7.0:

The plot for the main scenario in the Patch 6.x series has already been completed and we’ve decided on its conclusion. Currently, script-related work for several patches and work on the detailed plot are underway. In fact on my end, I’m already deciding on what I envision for 7.0. You see, Final Fantasy XIV is tough work…

Obviously there’s a while left before players will get to see all those story developments, but there’s a little less time for players to wait until the game’s Island Sanctuaries see implementation. Yoshida also discusses this highly anticipated feature, noting that it feels very different from anything that the team had put together previously and hoping players enjoy it when it arrives. He promises that there will be more previews of it when the game has its next live letter from the producer, so fans can look forward to it; until then, you can check out the interview for a peek behind the scenes.

Source: NME
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