EVE Online turns 19 years old with new skins and smuggler-hunting


EVE Online’s anniversary is upon us once again as this year the sci-fi sandbox turns 19 years old. CCP Games has pulled out its traditional Capsuleer Day event, but don’t worry; it’s more than just a day. It runs through May 24th, in fact, and it’s live now.

So what’s in it for you? How about hoarding new skins, snagging commemorative ships, dipping a toe into the Proving Grounds, and busting up some smugglers?

“New combat and hacking sites are appearing all over New Eden, and CONCORD will reward Capsuleers who take the fight to the smugglers! You can use scanner probes to discover the Smuggler Dead Drop hacking sites, and then confiscate their loot using your Data Analyzer modules. The event combat sites are accessible to any combat ships of battlecruiser size or smaller. The best ships to use are Tech I combat battlecruisers, heavy assault cruisers, strategic cruisers, or command ships. The hacking and combat sites both contain incredible loot, including smuggler lockboxes that can be traded for ISK, various SKINs, limited time combat boosters, cerebral accelerators. This event heralds the return of the coveted Glamourex standings boosters! CONCORD is also rewarding Capsuleers that attack the smugglers with an agency reward track. Receive points for fighting and hacking, along with rewards such as combat boosters and new SKINs.”

As we noted earlier, EVE players are preparing for EVE Fanfest in Reykjavik this weekend, with no COVID safety protocols in place beyond hand sanitizer and encouragement “to be mindful of other people’s personal space.”

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