RuneScape adds new ways to train firemaking and fletching, confirms May 31 start date for board game Kickstarter


Are you a high-tier firemaker and fletcher in RuneScape? Then you’re probably one of the very few. However, this week’s update is introducing some new ways for both skills to be leveled up, and all it takes is interacting with dinosaur poop and plant creatures, apparently.

To get involved in this new skilling content, players will need to have completed the finale of the Elder God Wars quest and have at minimum level 82 in either firemaking or fletching, at which point they can head to Anachronia Farm to “carestyle” the plant-like Zygomites, hatch dino eggs, and then feed the critters to make high-yield fertilizer. It’s all in service to earn lots of related skilling XP and create all-new Dinarrows that can be imbued with powerful Elder God combat effects. There’s more details in this dev blog.

The other major piece of RuneScape news is the arrival date for the official board game’s crowdfunding drive on Kickstarter: Tuesday, May 31st. The campaign will only run for 10 days, so those who are eager to throw their money at a minis-filled tabletop version of their favorite MMORPG will want to mark their calendars.

Other points of note in the game’s weekly newsletter include the return of Vic the Trader and the usual patch notes, while future events coming down the pike include the return of Double XP Live on May 20th and a new Yak Track on May 30th.

sources: press release, official site
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