Bring an umbrella to Fractured’s beta – the weather system patch is live


Live in Fractured Online’s always-on closed beta as of today is the promised weather system, which Dynamight Studios says will integrate with the existing temperature system as highlighted last week.

“In Fractured Online, the weather is determined by a dynamic system of circular clouds that can spawn in different zones within a continent,” the studio said in its previous dev blog on the subject. “Each cloud has its own life cycle: first it grows, gradually darkening the sun, then if it has a precipitation event assigned, it starts precipitating (rain, hail, snow, etc..) and gradually shrinking in size, and finally, as it reaches a smaller pre-determined size, it stops precipitating and starts dissipating completely. Each cloud determines a specific weather event, and during its lifetime it determines the precipitation particle type, the wind intensity and turbulence, other special effects like lightning, and the temperature variation.”

In other words, you don’t want to be at the dead-center of a cloud formation – or multiple layered formations – or you’ll be drenched in rain, sleet, and snow. Eventually, it’ll be even worse, as the devs’ weather clouds will wreck you with acid and meteors and flame:

“Right now, all the cloud types we have deliver a negative effect on the temperature. In the future, things may change as we add special events like firestorms, meteor strikes, acid rain, and other special events!”

The patch notes for today’s update further list improvements to memory usage and fixes for multiple bugs, including crafting and market issues.

Source: Twitter
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