New World’s latest PTR build continues to tweak 3v3 arenas and high-tier crafting material drops

Hold up, losing my balance.

The May update of New World continues to go through its public testing phases, which means the devs at Amazon Games are continuing to turn the knobs as the latest build features some changes to the headlining 3v3 arena and other general gameplay adjustments of note.

Among the changes to the arena the replacement of consumables with arena-specific snacks like health potions, mana potions, and attribute foods. The patch has also adjusted rewards for XP and the PvP rewards track, and applied a number of fixes to various bugs. On the subject of PvP, the war feature now has tweaked bonuses for certain faction control points across the game’s map.

In general update news, there’s some changes to fire staff, the void gauntlet, and several pieces of gear; increased legendary refinement material drop rates from gathering while lowering drop rates of those same materials in aptitude boxes; lowered respawn rates for starmetal, orichalcum, gold, and platinum, while increasing spawn locations for starmetal and orichalcum, and adjusted the level ranges in which tier 4 hide drops in order to correct abundance problems.

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