The Elder Scrolls Online highlights Lady Arabelle in a bit of in-universe lore

The cat, if she exists, will have to fend for herself.

Spy, monster hunter, author, soldier, philanthropist… is there anything that Lady Arabelle hasn’t done? Yes. The dishes. But the latest article on the official site for The Elder Scrolls Online isn’t remotely concerned with the dishes and whether or not they’ve been done; it’s concerned with the lore and legends surrounding the aforementioned Lady Arabelle, presented in the form of an in-universe investigation penned by Adandora trying to get to the bottom of Lady Arabelle’s history.

It is not a particularly successful attempt, at that; Lady Arabelle is clearly not someone to be forthright about her motives or intentions, and is instead portrayed as patient, curious, and difficult to pin down in any capacity. If the article piques your interest, you’ll probably want to play the upcoming High Isle chapter that features Arabelle as one of the major characters, and if you’re already excited to play, it’s a good primer on what to expect from the enigmatic lady herself.

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