Farwoods is a minimalistic, animalistic online RPG with no NPCs whatsoever


If you’re one of those noble players who champions gameplay above such mundanities like visuals, then we’ve spotted an upcoming online RPG that might warrant further investigation. The title is Farwoods, a game where you become an animal and make your way in the world by choosing whichever skills and professions interest you the most.

Farwoods is an online roleplaying game set in a world of forest critters, populated entirely by other players,” developer Chanterelle Interactive said. “Create your character and launch into a story written just for you, interwoven with the stories of countless other creatures making a living in this storybook fantasy realm.”

What’s interesting about Farwoods‘ progression is that you don’t grind for skill points. Rather, points are given to you “at set intervals” to free you up to do whatever you like. There is also a flexible burrow-building system that will allow players to create homes, inns, taverns, and bases.

Oh, and there is this: “There are no NPCs, enemies or otherwise. All combat is PvP and requires in-character justification, since it is not necessary for character progression.”

Farwoods is currently in its alpha stage.

Source: Reddit, Steam
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