12-year-old MOBA Heroes of Newerth has officially sunsetted

Less than heroic.

After 12 years of operation, one of League of Legends’ direct competitors has called it quits.

Heroes of Newerth, which launched back in 2010, closed its doors this month, although the title lasted a little longer than we had anticipated.  Back in February 2019, the game received its final patch, which we took as an ominous sign. Confirmation of its closure was foretold back in December 2021, giving the community a half-year to prepare. Several “farewell events” took place over the past few months as a result.

The community marked the farewell with a mixture of sadness and anger. One player wrote, “HON was part of my life, sad to say to goodbye. But today I had so much fun, a lot of Twitchers online, no toxicity. If every day was like today, we wouldn’t be saying goodbye.”

The website declined to give much of an explanation for the sunset, choosing instead to simply say, “[Heroes of Newerth] is now officially closed. Thank you for playing!”

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