The Wagadu Chronicles highlights work on magic, dev tools, and NPC UI as it heads to alpha 2

art by Iga 'Igson' Oliwiak

When last we peeked in on the development of The Wagadu Chronicles, the sandbox MMORPG was pushing through its first alpha test. That test has since wrapped up, and the devs at Twin Drums have been putting their heads down to iterate on the game and add new features as it moves to alpha 2.

Updates being worked on were shown off in a couple of progress reports, providing some early looks and brainstorming of magical abilities, a sneak peek of some new cosmetic choices available at character creation, a preview of some communal farm plots, work on settlement management systems, and new tech updates that include the creation of canyons in the game world and some new tools to create islands, place spawn points, and eventually add NPCs from scratch. Speaking of NPCs, there are some UI updates coming down the pike to make interacting with them easier.

As for when alpha 2 will kick off, a teaser tweet notes that invites to the next test will be sent out “in the coming weeks.” Those who want to add their names to the draw are reminded to sign up for the newsletter.

sources: Kickstarter (1, 2), Twitter
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