Trove’s Sunrise update is live today with the new Solarion class and Sundered Uplands biome

Gamigo announced a big update for its flagship MMORPG Trove last week, and as of today, it’s already here. Lead time is overrated! Sunrise is focused on the new Sundered Uplands dual-tier biome, the new Uber-11 difficulty rank for endgamers, new Crystal Gems, and of course, the new Solarion class.

“Solarions, as servants of the Sun Goddess, work together with their phoenix in order to distribute Damage over Time Effects and deal out physical damage. Solarions use bows to shoot their enemies while the phoenix rushes into melee to deliver blows. Solarions are really fired up! Solarion can be obtained through crafting on the Chaos Crafter, the Sundered Uplands Workbench, or one of the Solarion packs. […] The Solarion gains Divine Radiance and energy from their damage over time effects. Divine Radiance increases the number of projectiles fired from basic attacks. Energy is used to power their Prismatic Blast. The Solarion summons a phoenix to aid them in battle. Phoenix’s attacks apply a damage over time that deals 250% damage every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds, additionally granting Divine Radiance and Energy back to the Solarion. When Phoenix dies it will spawn an egg at its location. The egg will heal itself and explode once at max health, dealing 550% damage to nearby enemies as well as applying its damage over time effect and respawning the Phoenix.”

Do note that to play the Solarion, you’ll be buying it outright or crafting it at considerable in-game expense; you won’t be able to use class coins to unlock it.

Gamers should check out the full patch notes for the run-down on the Solarion’s skills, as well as details on the new biome, subclass changes, and Crystal Gems.

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