Conan Exiles provides video previews of Age of Sorcery’s magic system, talent points, and building updates


While it might be nice to read about the various systems the Age of Sorcery update is adding to Conan Exiles, sometimes seeing these features in action through the format of video is better. Luckily, the devs of the survival sandbox have provided a couple such previews.

The meat of the video sneak peeks come from a livestream last week, which breaks down the new monetization features, discusses some of the basic mechanics of finding words of power to learn spells and rituals (along with lots of video snippets of the kinds of spells the update will bring), and a look at the perk system and how sorcerous corruption will have an effect on characters.

The stream also took time to talk about building updates, discussing the new equippable building hammer that will be the catalyst for the overhauled building system. A smaller video shared on Twitter provided a condensed preview of these updates in action. Both that video and the livestream can be seen below the cut.

sources: YouTube, Twitter
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