MapleStory tweaks explorer classes in latest update and takes applications for player-built content in Project MOD


The latest news coming out of MapleStory might come as a surprise to players and fans of the side-scrolling MMORPG. We begin with the Destiny: Remastered update, which has applied a slew of changes to the game’s 14 original explorer classes that promise improved skills, better animations, and new story segments. The update has also kicked off Starlight Symphony events, and applied a number of quality-of-life changes like the end of mastery books, new difficulties for certain bosses, and some new accessories to go after.

The second half of the update, Destiny: Homecoming, will pit players in a fight against Watcher Kalos and introduce player housing to the game. This portion of the entire update is scheduled to land on Wednesday, July 20th. Patch notes for the update are available on the forums.

Perhaps the most surprising development from MapleStory is the initial launch of Project MOD, a new toolset and creator program that lets fans put together their own MapleStory worlds, share them with others, and even get paid for their creations.

Nexon is opening applications for the toolset’s first users between now and July 17th, while the associated Wings 2022 program is offering up to ₩10,000,000 (nearly $7,700 USD) in funding for creators who put together a new world within certain deadlines and granting additional cash prizes to top developers.

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