Overwatch 2 has started its second round of closed beta testing

And it seems like everyone's mad


Have you been looking forward to a chance to dip your superheroic shooting toes into the closed beta of Overwatch 2? Then you’re probably going to want to keep an eye on your email inbox and spam folders because the next round of testing invites has started to circulate.

This current closed beta test will introduce things like the Push mode, a new hybrid map known as Paraíso, some hero reworks in terms of both mechanics and visuals, and the addition of Junker Queen. All of the granular details of this build are waiting in the patch notes.

The game’s official forums are already alight with lots of “feedback,” and a great deal of it doesn’t look to be all that pleased, particularly in relation to changes to Mercy that were made in this build. Reddit isn’t looking too much better, with many similar complaints showing up in threads.

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