Untamed Isles is an open world creature catching MMORPG promising 1.5M different varieties of critters


Pokemon has 898 creatures. Temtem has 164 Tems as of right now. Untamed Isles, an upcoming open world creature catching MMORPG from publisher/developer Phat Loot Studios, is planning on having 1.5 million different creatures in its game. Which sounds pretty ambitious except for the fact that number is for the varieties of monsters from a base of 10 base species. Still, that is a lot of variance!

Untamed Isles’ base creature types are further differentiated by 15 different “moods” that determine their combat style, along with a mix-and-match system that randomly changes body parts on every critter for even more visual distinctiveness. The game is otherwise touting a wide open multiplayer world with PvP, PvE, dungeons, and professions that let players craft items. As for combat, that runs in turn-based real-time style similar to other RPGs.

This new Pokemon-like is eyeing an early access launch for sometime later this year. In the meanwhile, the game can be wishlisted on Steam now, and a gameplay trailer can be seen below.

source: press release
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