Kickstarted MMORPG Past Fate previews gameplay, eyes early access in August


We’ve been keeping tabs on the development trajectory of Past Fate, the indie sandbox MMORPG from Icy North Games, for quite some time. The game first came into our radar in December 2019, when it promised that “freedom is the key element” in gameplay.

The game tried to launch a Kickstarter that sought $15K that ultimately failed, though development rolled forward to the point that a second crowdfunding campaign launched in February 2020 that made its higher $25K ask. Since then, the devs have been making a swath of regular updates, the most recent of which arriving in May of this year.

If all of that isn’t information enough to follow along, or you’re interested in getting introduced to Past Fate for the first time, then this video interview with YouTuber Kormakrtv is for you. It talks about the kind of MMORPG experience the devs are looking to build, discusses features like PvP and crafting, and showcases around an hour of gameplay. The devs even offer a couple of tidbits like a “hidden” third faction that players can join to affect conquest and some plans to launch in early access sometime next month.

source: YouTube
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