Elder Scrolls Online tweaks Update 35’s damage and healing over time effects after PTS feedback


The Elder Scrolls Online has been letting its players kick the tires of Update 35’s combat adjustments for a little over a week now, gathering up plenty of feedback regarding those changes along the way, and now the devs are prepared to adapt to that feedback and make a few changes next week.

The next test build will specifically address heal over time and damage over time effects, as “static” HoT and DoT abilities like Wall of Elements or Spear Shards will go back to being similar to the live game’s duration and frequencies, while “sticky” abilities such as Fire Breath or Lightning Form will retain the current longer duration and lowered potency that was originally planned for Update 35.

These tweaks are meant to improve effectiveness, bring back the sense of reactive gameplay, and continue to support player choice. “It is our hope these new standards better differentiate the gameplay realities these skills have, reinforcing their strengths and weaknesses, while making them easier to engage with in some ways than compared to what’s currently on Live,” the announcement explains.

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