Craftopia’s upcoming Seamless World update will feature weather, NPC settlements, and refined combat


The name of Craftopia’s next major content injection is Seamless World, so naturally most people would expect that creating the titular seamless world is the defining feature of the update. However, the most recent development blog from PocketPair offers a look at a number of other features the patch will bring in addition to a wider world to explore.

This new update will introduce the first iteration of a weather system, which won’t end up being a hindrance to character survival and can instead be used to receive bonuses. The world will also see the addition of NPC settlements that will have more important uses for gameplay, such as housing NPCs that will give out quests. Finally, the game’s combat is getting some love, particularly with regards to enemy AI, as foes will get specific roles and will try to counteract player attacks.

Regrettably, there’s still no release date for the Seamless World update, but players can be assured that it is at least getting more than just a bigger map.

source: Steam
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