Past Fate shows off its first moments of gameplay in a new video

Yep. All right. Super.

So what’s it like when you first step into the world in Past Fate? You don’t have to speculate about that any more because the developers have released a new video showing off the first 15 minutes of gameplay from the perspective of a new player, albeit one who knows exactly how to play the game. There’s no narration or anything, just ambient sounds, the game’s voice acting, and the soundtrack to spice up the experience so you can personally see how everything plays out.

This covers gathering items, accepting and clearing quests, fighting the undead, crafting things, changing equipment, and so on for the whole starter experience. There are some obvious places of animation jank and oddities (for example, the character insists on drawing his weapon from his back despite it clearly being on his hip), so it’s up to you whether that makes the whole thing feel half-baked or just charmingly indie. Check out the full video and see how it hits to you.

Source: YouTube
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