Elite Dangerous applies several fixes and closes the Azimuth Saga with a literal bang in today’s Update 13

Well, it was more like a "pwoom" than a "bang" but whatever


Elite: Dangerous has released its newest update to the sandbox today, and it went off like a firework in a narrative sense. The actual content of Update 13 is generally thin, with the patch primarily attacking stability problems and applying a long laundry list of bug fixes that touch practically every aspect of gameplay.

The major piece of the update is the firing of the Proteus Wave weapon at HIP 22460, which was the closing event to the Azimuth Saga narrative that’s been running in-game for a while. A newly shared video shows the events of the firing going awry as the weapon is taken over by the Thargoids it was meant to eliminate, followed by the aliens lashing out. They also sounded very angry.

As for the events in-game, players who were present during the weapon’s firing are reporting that they were blown to smithereens, while others are having problems just logging in. So clearly the Thargoids are not going away any time soon.

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