Overwatch 2 brings cross-progression across multiple platforms

All right, I'll give it to you. In many places.

It’s kind of unpleasant how if you’re enjoying Overwatch on your PC and want to also play on Nintendo Switch, you’ll have to start over from scratch there. Sure, the only things you’re earning are cosmetics and not power, but those cosmetics matter! So there’s good news for fans of the game, as Blizzard has announced that cross-platform progression will be a thing for Overwatch 2, allowing players to hop between platforms and share the same progression of cosmetics across all of them.

If you already have an Overwatch account on multiple platforms, you’ll need to merge them first and use the same Battle.net ID to log in everywhere in order to merge progression. The FAQ on the merge process makes the limitations very clear, as players will get nothing for duplicate cosmetics but will get all of the unlocks available on both merged accounts. Check out the full rundown ahead of the sequel’s free-to-play launch in October.

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