Old School RuneScape outlines adjustments coming to Wilderness bosses and their lairs


Old School RuneScape is focusing on fixing a bear, a spider, and a skeleton. Not just any normal version of these three classic MMORPG critters, but the Wilderness bosses Callisto, Venenatis, and Vet’ion, and how these three bosses are getting updated is the focus of a new dev blog from Jagex.

The post admits that players have managed to turn what were originally meant to be multi-phase group encounters into entirely soloable efforts, motivated in part by generally uninspired and overly punishing design like simply giving the foes high defense values and hard-hitting attacks. “We want to deliver a proper multi-combat group boss experience, with interesting mechanics, the ability to keep topped up between kills in case PvP combat breaks out, and rewards that make the risk worth taking,” the post reads.

The blog then delves into specific changes that will be made to the three bosses in question, as well as the new cavernous lairs that they’ll be roosting in that can be accessed via unique entrances in the Wilderness. Entering these lairs will not only mean a fight is ahead but require players to navigate their way out, as they simply can’t leave a lair the same way they came in.

The post also talks about some of the rewards awaiting those who take on these bosses, elaborates on toned-down solo versions of these fights for those who don’t want to take on multi-combat, then finally closes with a survey players can take to submit their thoughts on the changes.

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