Book of Travels details the vehicle improvements coming in the near future


So Book of Travels wants to let you board a train without paying for it and then jump off partway through the ride. The developers do not think this is a good idea, mind you; it’s just important that players be allowed to make that bad decision and then explore the consequences of the same. (Those consequences chiefly consisting of “ow.”) That’s one of the many changes planned in the near future for trains and boat rides: dismantling some safety rails preventing you from making some ill-advised travel decisions like boarding a train without paying or taking a boat in the middle of a storm.

Not all of the changes are about letting you make things worse for yourself, though. Players can also look forward to automatically sitting down and resting when they board vehicles, as well as being able to check maps and plan out your future journey along the way. These changes are all due to hit the game in the near future, so check out the full rundown of the planned changes and get ready to make some bad decisions about how to travel from place to place.

Source: Steam
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