Path of Exile promises to improve item drops in an upcoming patch, but players remain skeptical

What... what do we do now.

If you’re among those Path of Exile players who were upset by Grinding Gear Games’ stealth nerfing of item drops in Lake of Kalandra, then the latest address from the devs is for you, as it promises to “significantly” improve item drop rates in the ARPG.

Broadly speaking, the patch will “massively” increase the rarity bonus for items dropped by monsters with multiple Archnemesis mods and the rarity of items dropped by map bosses, increase the global drop rate of unique items by 33%, increase base currency drop rates by 25%, and increase the number of rewards from the Lake of Kalandra.

These stated adjustments appear to be doing little to mollify players as reaction to the post on Reddit is still quite grumpy. Replies run a gamut of complaints including frustration at some of the vague language, an overall belief that these adjustments don’t fix root problems that the devs created, and requests to simply revert loot changes to pre-3.19 values.

“You’re making a game. It’s supposed to be for fun. It’s for your playerbase to play and have fun,” beseeches one poster. “Please, for the love of all that is holy, realize your vision for the game is not as important as your players having fun.”

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