Path of Exile’s Chris Wilson admits to not fully understanding Kalandra’s item drop changes

A whole lot of flashing lights at each other!
Path of Exile producer Chris Wilson has released his latest dev blog all about the Lake of Kalandra’s extremely unpopular changes to item drops, where he discusses the rationale behind the changes, explains what the devs are looking to do to improve, and admits that he was apparently not paying rapt attention to the changes in question.

“I… didn’t actually understand the impact of the change. It was mentioned to me in passing (that we were removing the league monster bonuses and replacing with just quantity), and I didn’t ask any more questions. I was busy, distracted, and should have sought more information.

“There was not sufficient time to playtest the change properly for feeling. It is unacceptable that I allowed a change like that to make it into the patch without a big chunk of time allocated to making sure the game still feels great afterwards.”

Wilson further admits to miscommunication when using the word “massive” in reference to the scaling down of drops from league monsters, explaining that the change wasn’t as large as that word suggests. He also admits that post-release communication could have been better in order to quell assumptions of the devs’ intentions. “As the confusion about our motivations has raised a lot of concern with the community, I should have found a way to prioritize writing this post,” he writes.

The post closes with promises to improve both testing and communication, points out adjustments already being made that should keep regular players’ loot drops feeling right, and asks for players to keep the feedback coming.

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