Mobile version of Granado Espada breaks three years of radio silence with game details and new screenshots


Do you remember Granado Espada? This MMO set in the age of Europe’s exploration of the new world has a few different versions around the world and has had two here in North America: one run by T3Fun that shut down the game last September and one run by IMC Games on Steam that’s still live and kicking. Publisher Hanbitsoft and developer IMC Games also announced in 2019 that a mobile version, Granado Espada M, was also in the works.

Three years later, Hanbitsoft has suddenly resurfaced with a few details and two screenshots from the mobile MMO. The screenshots in question offer a look at the game’s five basic classes – fighter, warlock, musketeer, wizard, and scout – while the blog post talks up familiar features like the ability to control three characters at once in a party and the ability to recruit and nurture additional characters in the game’s family. The reveal also makes a point to promise the devs are taking great pains to remain faithful to the original MMO.

Unfortunately for fans, there’s still no release date for Espada M announced in South Korea or anywhere else in the world. But hey, at least the game’s development still appears to be alive.

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