Path of Exile mulls over player feedback and outlines another series of gameplay adjustments

That's not an altar. But it is altered.

Grinding Gear Games is once again in the news for a similar headline: the fixing of Path of Exile and retooling of various systems in the ARPG based on player feedback. This leads us to the studio’s latest update post that breaks down plans and considers player reactions.

The post breaks matters up into their own individual segments:

  • Archnemesis tuning continues, with focus on adjusting the Heralding Minion mod and the feeling of getting currency rewards. The devs are also chewing on player feedback surrounding item drop variance and the frustration of permanent Marks.
  • For Kalandra league, players will soon be able to hide from enemy attacks behind rocks and the devs are pondering further item drop changes, though the post does state that they believe “general drops from the late are okay.”
  • On harvesting, the devs state that removed crafts are not coming back since harvestables are now tradeable. Players will be able to see how much life force of each type they have at the horticulturing station soon, however.
  • Finally, various eldritch currencies will drop in lower level areas and will also see a greater drop rate.
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