Dual Universe loads up a building contest right before launch


Less than a month remains before Dual Universe exits beta and enters launch, and you know what would definitely spice up that last month? That’s right, a building contest! Yes, NovaQuark is running one more building contest from September 6th through September 22nd, asking players to make their best Speeders and Outposts for a chance to get that content into the game permanently. So hey, if you want to flex your building muscles one more time and don’t want to hold back in hopes of selling blueprints when the game launches, here’s your chance!

Meanwhile, the game is also preparing to make sure that all of its Kickstarter backers retain all of the rewards they are entitled to from the game’s crowdfunding campaign, including microtransaction currency, titles, skins, and recognition in the credits. Some additional rewards will be delivered only after the game is live, so if you were an original backer, check up to see what you’ll be getting on launch.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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