Wakfu’s single-player ‘roguelite deck builder’ One More Gate enters early access October 11


Most of our readers know Wakfu as a turn-based strategy-minded MMORPG, but very soon they’ll also know it as a single-player card-based roguelite title. That’s thanks to developer Ankama’s upcoming game One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend, which has announced its arrival to early access on Tuesday, October 11th.

One More Gate describes itself as a “roguelite deck builder” that promises a combination of exploration and turn-based combat as players move through portals into procedurally generated levels that shuffle gems, blessings, curses, and other secrets with each run. Combat involves using cards earned from vendors, monsters, or treasure chests to create a deck while also requiring players adapt to the shifting power of Wakfu to their best advantage. The game promises plenty of colorful adventure in the world of Twelve and an equally colorful cast of characters to meet and take quests from.

The game’s early access build will introduce two out of the four dungeons it plans for launch, 70 different runes to combine for combo creation, a new quest system, and improved UI features. There’s currently a demo available on Steam or through the Ankama Launcher, or fans could simply wait a couple of weeks for early access to begin.

source: press release
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