PlanetSide 2 cleans up tank cannons and fixes some environmental issues in newest PTS build


PTS builds aren’t always about glamorous updates or big top features; sometimes they’re just about applying some needed polish and bug fixes. That looks to be the case with the newest PTS patch for PlanetSide 2, which is addressing some matters related to tank cannons and the greater game environment.

The tank cannon fixes appear to be primarily visual, fixing the firing effects of the Larion’s PPC and the animation order of the Prowler’s Kingsnake cannon, but it also fixes a crash related to seeing the Vanguard’s JGX12. Incidentally, that tank weapon now has a slower rotation.

Otherwise, this PTS build fixes a long-standing issue with Cortium/NPC spawns, adds new underwater teleporter rooms at seaposts complete with underwater capture points, and experiments with adding no-deploy zones at tech plants on Indar to stop Sunderers from interdicting the related spawn room. It’s not a particularly sparkly patch, but it’s worth a public testing all the same.

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