EverQuest rolls out Nights of the Dead for Halloween


EverQuest is “creepin’ it real” with the return of its Halloween-flavored Nights of the Dead, Daybreak’s Darkpaw Games has announced.

“Wake your weary bones and head to the Plane of Knowledge to find Zigan Ribshard, Edmund Strangeways, and Illis Taberish,” the studio teases. “All three will have hauntingly ghoulish ways for you to get involved in this year’s event. Don’t forget to also head into the Plains of Karana. Apparently, a certain witch is back at it again and wreaking havoc for the farmers. On top of that, Minda and Tukk need help once again. As you avoid an untimely death by gruesome and bloodcurdling creatures in Qeynos Hills, Crescent Reach, Faydark, and Toxxulia Forest, be sure to stay alive just long enough to revisit Haunted Jack and Spooky Sally in any local hometown so you can get your fill of holiday treats.”

Nights of the Dead runs through November 8th – and best not confuse it with Night of Shadows, which is the game’s next expansion; that’s already up for preorder and deep in beta with a launch planned by the end of the year.

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