The Secret World Classic won’t have a Halloween event this year thanks to… player feedback?


Over summer, fans of the original version of The Secret World were delighted to see the game’s anniversary event activated for the first time in years, as part of a fan-created event for the 10th anniversary. Ever since, players have held out hope the Halloween event will also see a resurrection.

Sadly, those hopes have now been dashed. The community streamer Catboiler, whose agitations led to the activation of the anniversary event this past summer, told players this week that he’d received word from former game director Joel Bylos that the Halloween event will not be activated due to player concerns over “splitting the playerbase.”

The quote provided by Catboiler in the unofficial TSW Classic Discord doesn’t specify the source of this feedback, but presumably it would be from players of Secret World Legends, the successor to TSW that is now also in maintenance mode.

Worthy of note is the fact that Joel Bylos no longer officially works on either game, and while he delivered the message, the final decision was likely not his to make (so don’t go pile on him).

Sadly, if the game’s tenth anniversary is not enough to see the Halloween event reactivated, it’s hard to imagine a circumstance that would bring about its return, meaning the missions that were not ported to SWL may be lost forever.

Source: Discord
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