Elite Dangerous adds adjustments, fixes, and the promise of new narrative content in today’s Update 14


The assault on humanity by the Thargoids looks to continue forward in Elite: Dangerous as today marks the arrival of Update 14, and it’s bringing something to the game’s overall narrative. The patch notes are pretty mum on the specifics, inviting players to instead “discover more on this gameplay [themselves] on release of the update.”

The vast majority of Update 14 applies another round of fixes that touch multiple parts of the game including UI, graphics, server stability, and performance, including several problems that the community has brought up. Adjustments are part of the patch as well, with anti-xeno weapons getting updated descriptions, anti-xeno missile racks getting their damage updated, and organic scans now paying out much more, both at base and by five times more for first-time scans. Finally, players on the “live” version of the game now have the option to reset to orbit if they find themselves in a tricky spot.

Servers are expected to be down for maintenance until 10:00 a.m. EST today barring any necessary delays, so there’s still some time yet to absorb all of the fixes and updates.

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